Dissemination & Outreach

For enquiries, feedback or other comments on the ViePHEP or the corresponding online survey please contact viephep@gmail.com

The ViePHEP commits to Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement (PPIE).


Public involvement will happen by means of a survey, which is directed towards citizens in general, but also incorporates chronically ill, other patients and vulnerable/risk groups.


Dissemination will be pursued through a accessible and transparent strategy. This strategy addresses the scientific community, media representatives, and the public at large. The first dissemination tool will be this website, as well as associated social media accounts. As second instrument the ViePHEP will disseminate through scientific publications, conference participation and other research-related events, as well as by carrying out workshops and providing brief reports for multiple stakeholders.


The ViePHEP involves (affiliated) researchers, who are also patients and/or belong to a vulnerable population. Research gaps, questions, and concepts, as well as project targets manifested, while involving patients and/or vulnerable persons. It is a key objective to develop and adapt the project’s research and its dissemination agenda in an ongoing and reflexive manner and by continuing inclusion of multiple stakeholder groups.